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Friday, November 26, 2010

The Truth About Reza Aslan

Reza Aslan is code. Yes, that's right--he is an undercover Iranian sleeper with direct ties to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. How do I know this? Funny you should ask. Just look at his name: Reza. Let's disjumble it and it spells Arze. Now let's take the "Z" and flip it around--that's right, you have an "S". So okay, the first name is Arse. 
Now let's do the same magic with his second name: Aslan. Disjumble it and you get "Nasal." Take the two names together, Arse Nasal and flip the second name to the position of the  first and you get Nasal Arse.
Anyone with a name like Nasal Arse must have his nose someplace where, most would agree, it doesn't belong. Which goes to show that Reza Aslan (pronounced "Assland" in Farsi), has his head up his ass, and this is particularly true when he speaks about Islam. 
His talks are sponsored by Taqiyya Taquila, where after you drink it, you just lie there. The one question I would like him to answer is this: If a Muslim beheads an infidel in a forest, and there's nobody there to see it, does he still get 72 virgins?

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