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Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Every year people make resolutions to be  better people the following year, or to be more productive, etc.  I think it would be wise for all of us to think about our country--whether you live in the United States or some other country--and promise ourselves that we will do what we can as individuals to simply make our country a better place.  How does one start to go about doing that?  Well, you can`t sit back and let the next guy do all the work, that`s for sure, so the first thing is to think about what you can change, or contribute to, and get started immediately, because it`s so easy to wait until the time is right.  Procrastination is a killer.
I think information is power and passing on important information is a way of sharing the power.  If you`re reading this blog, you`re probably a person who`s involved with current events and perhaps are even aware of some of the problems in the world. (There are so many problems, it`s best to focus on those you can help deal with or change). I suggest you get involved with organized groups that work to make a statement and a difference in the community--Atlas Shrugs comes to mind and Pamela Geller specifically comes to mind with this group.  She stages demonstrations on issues like the Ground Zero Mosque, for example, and is loudly representing the Conservative viewpoint on matters particularly dedicated to policing the Islamization of the west.  She, along with Robert Spencer, are making a difference and waking the public up to the silent and secret agenda of the Islamist forces in the west.  First, I suggest you subscribe to her blogs: http://www.atlasshrugs.com/ and Spencer`s at: http://www.jihadwatch.com/  and read what they have to say about this scourge that is creeping into our culture like vermin on a corpse.
Whatever you do, do not sit back and let the next guy do it--he`s saying the same thing about you--his next guy.

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