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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Peace be upon him

New York City: September 19th, 2010. Hundreds of peaceful Muslim jihadists demonstrated today in front of City Hall, just blocks from the proposed mosque and community center (for Muslims only), which is just blocks from Ground Zero, or what used to be the World Trade Center. To help make their statement regarding their views on tolerance, amidst shouts of "Allah u Akbar," they burned an American flag, a Bible, and a Torah taken from Temple Beth Shalom Aleichem, while shouting, "Kill the infidels, kill the Jews, kill the Christians, kill all apostates, kill the gays", and "praise be to the prophet, peace be upon him." It was a stunning performance of solidarity and one-mindedness from which all religions can take a valuable lesson. Led by Imam Wakim bin Killin, the group called for shariah law, a ban on opposing opinions, and the incineration of all textbooks in the school system that is not the Quran. 

US President Barack Hussein Obama was in town to address the United Nations in a cooperative effort to integrate Islam via immigration into countries that have fewer than 3 percent in the population, and called Islam, "a religion of peace," directly quoting George Walker Bush, his predecessor. He went on to say, "I make no apologies for the past, but it is time to move toward the future and Islam will be in the future of the United States of America, and I hope, and pray, that it will be in all the western countries of the world." He waited for the applause to end by King Abdullah, and bowed to the Saudi king in as an end to his speech and to free society as we know it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

double standard

We were all upset about the koran burning that was planned for 9/11 because I think good people of the west, don't want to incite trouble, in spite of the negative messages in the, er, holy book. Those of us who know what's in there realize that burning this book would merely pollute the environment, much the same way it has polluted the minds of those who follow the words of violence, misogyny, homophobia, etc., etc., etc. 
Isam was irate. "How dare you burn our holy book," they said.
Try going to Saudi Arabia, and other middle eastern theocratic nations with a Bible. No, they don't burn it. That would be terrible. They shred it.
So I say, it's time we stopped being politically correct with these "religious extremists," as if the entire cult of Islam were not extreme just by their "good books," and take a stand.  In the pubic schools of Minnesota, there should be no more funding for Islamist schools; (the public pays about $4million a year for this).  In government, there should be no bowing to the leaders of theocratic, Islamic countries. Obama did this and refused to bow to the Queen of England--hmm, . . that kind of smells funny.
If you're going to pray, pray that Obama is a one-term president. I am so sorry I voted for him. He is in bed with Islam and his past is very suspect and unclear. What is clear is that he had very strong left-wing associations in college and is a fan of Saul Arinksy.
Peace be with you.

New Book

I hope you all had a peaceful September 11th.
I highly suggest you read "The Grand Jihad," by Andrew C. McCarthy. He was the lawyer who was instrumental in prosecuting the case against the blind imam, who is now serving a life sentence for his part in the World Trade Center bombing. McCarthy takes no sides when it comes to politics, accusing G.W. Bush of claiming Islam to be a religion of peace when in his second term of office; and Obama for being a leftist, siding with Islam, and possibly even being Muslim.