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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Ground Zero Mosque--A Zero Idea

Before we allow the building of a mosque at Ground Zero, we should first make a deal with the Islamic nation.  If they allow the building of a synagogue at Mecca, only then should the mosque should be permitted. Of course, the rationale for the synagogue would be for the reparation of past negativity between the Jews and the Muslims--a way of making amends and healing old, historical wounds; like the beheading of 500 Jews by their prophet. It would be wise for those who voted on the Landmark Committee, and Mayor Bloomberg to know a little about Islamic thinking. The Koran says: "Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends." (Surah 5:51). Is this a religion of peace? Is it even a religion? Why is it that you are welcomed when you convert to Islam but killed if you leave? Why are women forced to cover while men dress as they please? Why are women stoned to death for adultery, whether or not the charge is true, but is considered true if a husband claims it to be? 
Sadly, I am forced to keep my name and identity hidden because I will be killed if I reveal it to the "religion of peace". There can be no doubt that the Muslim religion is the most intolerant "religion" in existence, and if they were at all sensitive to those they say they want to soothe, they would listen to those who are most offended by what happened on 911. But instead, they continue to rub their victory in the faces of those they've hurt, like they did in Cordoba, Spain when they built the mosque after their victory. The Ground Zero mosque, by the way, is being funded by Saudi Arabia; a nation that produced 9 of the hijackers who flew into the Twin Towers. This nation has been funding the spirit of Wahhabi Islam throughout the world and would love to see the end of all non-Islamic civilizations. Maybe Islam should be thought of as a "religion of piece."

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