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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Moron the Mosque

Imam of “9/11 Mosque” will travel M.E with US taxpayers’ Money

Imam Faisal Abdur Rauf, the "peaceful Imam," will be traveling to Qatar for a 15-day tour. This trip will cost approximately $16,000 and the Imam will also receive $200 a day as honorarium. His lodging and the airfare will be paid for by our State Department. Sounds like this Imam is well-received by the USA.
 Rauf's first tour to M.E. was under the Bush administration, and there was another excursion there earlier this year- all funded by the State Department. (It would have been lovely if the Imam admitted to where the funding for the Ground Zero mosque was getting its funding, wouldn't it?)
Rauf  became a controversial figure after he announced his intention of building his Islamic project  near Ground Zero, where 3,000 US citizens died as a result of Islamic terrorism.
Interestingly, in an interview after the 9/11 attack, Rauf blamed the United States policy for instigating the attack in the first place. Then he dodged a question about the notorious Hamas party. He was asked if he approves their action, and said that he neither approved nor condemned Hamas--as if he did not have an opinion on the matter. Ha.
The biggest joke of all is that he will be promoting religious tolerance and explain how Muslims live in America. It would be funny, except that it is horrifyingly scary, that the USA is even taking this person seriously, and has done so for so long. I voted for Obama, thinking that it "wasn't politics as usual," but you know what? It's politics as usual.

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