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Monday, September 13, 2010

double standard

We were all upset about the koran burning that was planned for 9/11 because I think good people of the west, don't want to incite trouble, in spite of the negative messages in the, er, holy book. Those of us who know what's in there realize that burning this book would merely pollute the environment, much the same way it has polluted the minds of those who follow the words of violence, misogyny, homophobia, etc., etc., etc. 
Isam was irate. "How dare you burn our holy book," they said.
Try going to Saudi Arabia, and other middle eastern theocratic nations with a Bible. No, they don't burn it. That would be terrible. They shred it.
So I say, it's time we stopped being politically correct with these "religious extremists," as if the entire cult of Islam were not extreme just by their "good books," and take a stand.  In the pubic schools of Minnesota, there should be no more funding for Islamist schools; (the public pays about $4million a year for this).  In government, there should be no bowing to the leaders of theocratic, Islamic countries. Obama did this and refused to bow to the Queen of England--hmm, . . that kind of smells funny.
If you're going to pray, pray that Obama is a one-term president. I am so sorry I voted for him. He is in bed with Islam and his past is very suspect and unclear. What is clear is that he had very strong left-wing associations in college and is a fan of Saul Arinksy.
Peace be with you.

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