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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!
I know, I know, this is going to be politically incorrect because it`s going to piss off a lot of islamists (which, since it isn`t a real word, does not have to be capitalized, and if it did, I wouldn`t). But I do wish you all out there the happiest of times at a time when happiness is a somewhat rare commodity. There are anti-Christmas posters in the UK put out by a muslim organization--I call them grinchlam. Can you imagine how weak that has to be for these idiots to diss Christmas? They actually believe that they`ll get converts for doing that. Well, if they get those converts, would you want them as part of your church or synagogue? Of course they`d have to be, as Robert Spencer calls them, "misunderstanders of islam." The public I`ve learned, is as smart as the elusive ostridge  with its head in the ground, when it comes to islam, jihad, and sharia. Anyone with their eyes open can see what`s in store if we keep our heads buried or follow people like the nonhonorable Michael Bumberg of New York City. Just because the majority of people do not want the Ground Zero mosque (we`re talking 70%), is no reason to go along with the majority. Just because there is a church that wants rebuilding after those cute little muslims knocked hell out of our buildings and killed our innocents, is no  reason for Mister Short Round to follow the will of the people--after all, he refuses to allow a Walmart in that area too--after the majority of New Yorkers (76%) want it.
And the little Mister Bumberg has had secret communications with Rauf and Daisychain Khan. Not to mention the fact that he eradicated term limits for himself and the liberals basically went down on their liberal knees for him. Disgusting. But politics as usual with a liberal lacking of, what`s that Obama word again . . . oh, yes, transparency.  Hah. Obama is the one president who promised transparency but who we know the least about--that`s what spending $1.4 million on legal fees will do for you to suppress facts. That`s as transparent as mud.
Well, I`ve spread enough peace and joy for one day. Seriously, have a wonderful Christmas, no matter how politically incorrect the word Christmas is to the muslim ear.

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